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First post...been lurking for a while. The stuff I've read on here had been incredibly helpful. Quality resource.

Sorry my first post has to be whining, but I'm not sure how to handle it.

Long story short: played a live home game last night, I'm up about $300, big pot, 3 handed to the flop, flop trip aces w/ best kicker, flush draw on board, check, check, I'm all in, guy calls w/ queens, other guy calls w/ shit because he's loaded (with money, not cocaine) and on tilt, runner-runner 9 high flush. Yuck.

I usually play live and I've just moved up in limits to the bigger home games around my home town and this is the way it's been going lately. I outgrew playing my friend's games (they're my friends, but you put cards in their hands and they turn into mongoloids) as I take the game more seriously than they do and have made real strides towards trying to become a good player.

My first taste of the bigger games has been tainted w/ bad luck and it's really shaken my confidence. I've gone over my last few sessions again and again in my head and, though I've obviously found flaws in the way I've played, without the beats I'm pretty sure they would have been at the very least marginally winning. What do I do here? Give myself a pep-talk? Go down and play the smaller games again? Win a pot and bolt for the car? I really feel like I can stick these guys and any advice you could offer would be great.

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