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Default Greatest SnG Comeback Ive ever had

So im playing a 10 dollar 9 person SnG single table on AP. About 10-15 minutes in, Im dealt QQ. I put in a decent size raise, get half the table folding, and a few callers....Flop comes 7d 10h jd.......With the queens I push a raise in, and to my suprise I get a reraise......I decide to go all in....I get one caller who shows AK. Turn comes a blank, and the River comes an ace! I was shocked and very angry as my chip stack dwindled to about 400 chips....At this point I figure Im done for....

A few hands later, Im dealt AJ and decide to go all in...I get a caller, and double up...A few hands down the line Im dealt pocket 10s and get two callers...At this point I figure with two callers Im prob done for.......the 10s hold up and I near triple up..........

I end up placing 2nd in this 9 table tourny when I was EXTREMELY short stacked only 10 minutes is crazt
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