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Default Frustrating beat!

Playing NL 0.25/0.50 SH

I'm on the BB and get to see a cheap flop with 7 9 o

Flop comes 5 6 8 rainbow
I bet $4
Next player raises me $4 more
I raise $8 more
He raises $8 more
I raise him $20
he calls <---- I'm assuming he has trips, or 2p
Everyone else has folded.

Turn comes Q making 2 clubs on the board
I bet $6
Next player reraises me $6 more
I raise to All-In, he calls <---- At this point I'm thinking trips most likely

River comes 6, so board is 5, 6, 8, Q, 6

He had pocket 8's and wins with a fullhouse.

God damn river, was a massive pot too. I hate when crap like this happens.
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