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Default poker genius (standard bad beat, not really worth reading)

So I sit down at a $25NL table, fold a couple of hands, then get dealt the second-best hand in poker - that's right, a pocket pair of pocket AAs. A couple callers in front of me, so I throw in $1; the BB raises me to $1.75. I chuckle to myself: the poor fool thinks his KK is good.

Little do I know, I am, in fact, facing one of the great poker geniuses - and, with a twisted irony, it is I, the gluttonous bourgeois pigdog, who is about to get his comeuppance

I make it $4; he calls, and the flop comes QT6. He checks it to me, and in my capitalist stupor I ignore the threat of the check-raised set; with a grotesque sneer I pump in another $4 of oppression. Probably I'm testing cosmetics on kittens. He calls; the turn's a 7. Checked to me again; my greed and better judgement compromise at $5. If only I knew the quality of my opposition...

River's an 8. Only now I realise the trap into which I've fallen. Fortunately he overestimates my - admittedly extreme - foolishness and checks; I check, and he turns over 99 for the straight.

I guess that's poker It still makes me want to cry.
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