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Default slightly uncanny...

In a freeroll, a few hands ago: I raise from MP with AJ, get one caller; flop completely misses but he checks and I take down the pot. No excitement. But then two or three minutes later the guy who folded pipes up, saying "AJ... don't try that again". I ask him what he's talking about, and he says "You have been warned". Then a few seconds later, "Do you know who I am?". Sadly, at that exact moment I got moved to a different table, and with no observer chat on Party I'm unable to find out if he's Santa Claus, Jesus, or what.

Anyway, was that just an uncanny read? or some sort of bizarre cheating? I mucked my cards, so it wasn't in the hand history. I'm confused, and a little bit worried that someone's lurking in my bedroom...
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