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XA_kid- you finally hit exactly what has been nagging me since that hand. I did disguise my hand, and in that light, the call from the 8-3 does make some sense. (Huge pot, he prolly has Big Pair, and I'm prolly the only flush draw left. Although, I expected to get called by the first bettor) I wasn't very clear with the table dynamics in my origanl post, BTW. They passivley call until a raise hits, and then they fold like theres no tommorow. When I made the button raise, and everyone called, I was thinking, WTF? Normally, that type of play would cause 6 of them to fold, and with position I could take down a pot with a bet if he missed. I have little fear of check/limp raises from this group, they tend to think that a check raise is cheating somehow. If the A-9 had called me using your reasoning, I would have smiled and said "Nice hand." I said that anyway, but I'm scratching my head as to why the 8-3 was in the hand anyway. Be that as it may, it did loosen my image to them, and thats money for me.

badsastard- I have an idea of how any semi-regular opponent of mine plays on a regular basis. I play with these guys 10-15 times a year, but had not been there since late Dec. I don't feel that table image is something they all would have forgotten in just slighty over 60 days, and the comment they made when I got there just reinforced my "Tightwad Image"tm Above, I detail why I made that raise. If it's wrong, then it's wrong.
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