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Default Re: it can hurt, really!!!

Originally Posted by eugsti
I have a PP 6. flop brings 244. Two pairs, I bet but not too hard. one guy calls, rest folds. Turn brings a 6. I bet harder but not all in yet. Don't want to scare away my only left over opponent. He calls. River brings a 9. So thats it for me, all in. He calls. He shows PP 9. I went straight from big plus to big minus. Now did I act stupid or what would you call that?
Since you asked, I'll answer, but if you really want help, post hands (not simple bad beat stories like this though ) in the strategy sections.

You played it fine. Depending on whether it was limped or not, you might worry on the flop about a slow played 4x, but better to bet and potentially get reraised than not. The turn was your magic cards, betting there is good. The river looks innocuous enough, so a push there is fine.

You will give a lot of bad beats, just like you will take a lot of them. It's all part of the poker circle of life.
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