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Default And the bad beats continue

Ive had about 4-5 small SnG MTT's where Ive hit bad beats in a row. Heres the list

1.KK gets cracked by QJ which hits two pair on the flop
2.KK gets cracked by the lucky river straight
3.AA gets cracked by 67, which hits trip 7s on the turn
4.AA gets cracked by K3 which hits trip 3s on the turn
5.AK gets cracked by AQ after going all in on the flop by a river Q
6.KK gets cracked by the same guy with another lucky river card for two pair

Ive had so many bad beats in the past few tournaments, its getting ridiculous. Im tempted just to muck Aces and Kings now since they havent won me anything in the past week
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