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Default All in or fold??

Dealt to JesusLovesYou [ Jd Js ]
deebs692 calls [$0.50].
Rovendino007 calls [$0.50].
Synergy checks.
JesusLovesYou raises [$2.50].
bdozer222 folds.
bigred02184 folds.
deebs692 folds.
Rovendino007 calls [$2].
Synergy folds.

** Dealing Flop ** [ 3h, 2d, 4d ]
Rovendino007 checks.
JesusLovesYou bets [$4].
Rovendino007 raises [$18.45].
JesusLovesYou calls [$14.45]. SHOULD I HAVE GONE ALL IN OR FOLDED?

** Dealing Turn ** [ 2h ]
Rovendino007 is all-In [$35.50]

JesusLovesYou is all-In [$20.78]

** Dealing River ** [ 3s ]
Rovendino007 shows [ 2s, Ad ] a full house, Twos full of threes.
JesusLovesYou shows [ Jd, Js ] two pairs, jacks and threes.
Rovendino007 wins $14.72 from side pot #1 with a full house, Twos full of threes.
Rovendino007 wins $82.21 from the main pot with a full house, Twos full of threes.
What would Jesus do???
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