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Default My first flopped Royal Flush and guess what happened...

Last night I played 6-max $25NL. From UTG I receive JQs and raise it up to $1. I get 4(!) callers and flop comes out 10 K A of the same suit!! I flopped my first Royal Flush!! I could hardly contain my excitment.

Blinds check, I check (I can slowplay this one), CO+1 bets $2, Button calls, SB & BB calls, I call. Next card I can't remember but blinds check, I check, CO+1 checks, SB goes AI (about $10), BB calls, I call, CO+1 folds, Button goes AI (about $17), I............................................loose connection. I was amazingly calm when I got my connection back but my hand was folded and I don't know the outcome.

One reason why I stayed calm was pure resignation. This happened on Full Tilt where I managed to get my deposit of $200 down to $80 in 3 months. Also I lost 3 buy-ins with set over set, rivered flush against my two pair and AA getting cracked by Q6o within an hour of this happening. Luckily my bankroll on Stars is increasing steadily.

I knew that if I let get this to me that I would be done with Poker for a while and I can't let this happen.
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