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Default $1900 pot

Playing the 2/4NL game on AP, $800 buy in.

I get dealt 25 in the BB. No one raises so lets see the flop. Flop A34.

I bet out $16 which was a pot bet.

Mr. 450 ($450 in play) raises me the minimum, so up to $32.
Mr. 750 ($750 in play) smooth calls that.


So I raise it up, no cheap draws and at the moment I'm ahead for sure.
$110 to go.

Mr 450 pushes, Mr 750 smooth calls again???

Strange play by him. I push all in, Mr 750 calls.

Mr 450 shows A3
Mr 750 shows 33

Turn was 9, river was J.

I pull in $1900 big ones.


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