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Default $1500, real money

yea i also wrote about the 1900 pot i had recently. this one was only 1500 but also very fun

i play 6 man NL, 800 buy in.

on the button i raised with AJ of spades. the bb called and the two of us saw a flop.

Q92. two spades.
when i raise pre and hit a flush draw i always bet as though i have the goods. so i put out a pot bet of 28. he raised me 28 more which is the minimum raise. i call

the turn is a 10. so now i'm open ended and still have nut flush draw.

he bets around 110. i call that, it was less than pot and i have a ton of outs. plus, the most important thing, he still has about 550 in front of him so my implied odds are up

the river makes my flush, 5 of spades.
he checks to me
i push all in, trying to give an impression that i'm just representing it. he called with pocket 2s, he had flopped a set

i pulled in about 1500 in real money

gotta love a river rat

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