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Starting game 1119818332.

beekie1959 is at seat 0 with 1,895.
om-manu73 is at seat 1 with 790.
chlio is at seat 4 with 1,550.
--CLIFF-- is at seat 5 with 2,330.
Z-E-R-O is at seat 6 with 920.
Blappo78 is at seat 7 with 900.
caballete is at seat 8 with 955.
EgonBader is at seat 9 with 660.

The dealer is seat 1.

chlio posts a blind of 10.
--CLIFF-- posts a blind of 20.

(Blappo78 is dealt 10s Jh.)

Z-E-R-O folds.
Blappo78 calls for 20.
caballete folds.
EgonBader folds.
beekie1959 folds.
om-manu73 calls for 20.
chlio calls for 10.
--CLIFF-- bets 80.
Blappo78 calls for 80.
om-manu73 calls for 80.
chlio calls for 80.

The flop comes
As 7d Qh.

chlio checks.
--CLIFF-- bets 40.
Blappo78 calls for 40.
om-manu73 calls for 40.
chlio calls for 40.

The turn comes 4s.

chlio checks.
--CLIFF-- bets 20.
Blappo78 calls for 20.
om-manu73 raises 620.
chlio calls for 640.
--CLIFF-- folds.
Blappo78 folds.

The river comes Jc.

chlio checks.
om-manu73 goes all-in for 10.
chlio folds.
10 is pushed back to om-manu73.

om-manu73 mucks.
om-manu73 wins pot (1,880).

Apparently the 188:1 odds weren't quiet good enough for him.
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