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Originally Posted by staphros View Post
Skeptix would have raised that Q9 up if it was a FT.

From watching a few he puts on constant pressure - doesn't really matter all the time what hand he holds. He seems to go off opponents style stack and position then when favorable plays A2C* very aggressively.

*maybe not any 2 but hands that will only be a 65/35 underdog against overpairs etc.

I agree with the people here fold the Q9 or raise it (i'd go with fold). Q9 doesn't play THAT well multiway. QJs or JTs would be a diffrent story.
Wrongo. The short stack limping UTG should discourage a raise here, but the 2 limpers also somewhat encourages a limp. If he plays a marginal hand, like top pr. to the Q carefully, he shouldnt lose too many chips if he has a losing hand, but stands to win a big pot against 4 players likely to hit something, 3 of them that can pay him off with 20 BB or more, if he hits big, just bad luck that his opponent hit in a good way with the Str8 flush draw. Chalk this one up to "If it wasn't for luck, id win every one."
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