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Starting game 1313024858.

Asso1728 is at seat 0 with $16.07.
MIRILLAS is at seat 1 with $9.25.
Marcostefano is at seat 2 with $4.60.
thebackdraft is at seat 3 with $4.50.
Tinytoon59 is at seat 4 with $1.90.
cula1 is at seat 5 with $10.
solheim is at seat 6 with $1.40.
PRIBO_69 is at seat 7 with $19.73.
Horstus is at seat 8 with $9.55.
Gerhard1962 is at seat 9 with $21.39.

The dealer is seat 6.

PRIBO_69 posts a blind of $.05.
Horstus posts a blind of $.10.
cula1 posts a blind of $.10.

(cula1 is dealt Jd Kd.)

Gerhard1962 folds.
Asso1728 calls for $.10.
Marcostefano folds.
thebackdraft folds.
Tinytoon59 calls for $.10.
cula1 bets $.50.
solheim folds.
PRIBO_69 calls for $.55.
Horstus folds.
Asso1728 folds.
Tinytoon59 calls for $.50.

The flop comes
Ac 2d 7c.

PRIBO_69 checks.
Tinytoon59 checks.
cula1 bets $1.80.
PRIBO_69 calls for $1.80.
Tinytoon59 folds.

The turn comes Ad.

PRIBO_69 checks.
cula1 bets $4.
PRIBO_69 calls for $4.

The river comes 6d.

PRIBO_69 checks.
cula1 goes all-in for $3.60.
PRIBO_69 calls for $3.60.


cula1 shows
Ad Kd Jd 6d 2d
Flush, Ace high

PRIBO_69 shows
Ac Ad As 10d 7c
Three Aces

cula1 wins pot ($19.97).

I'm the donk, put him on the flushdraw and bet out aggrodonk style.

PRIBO_69: stupid chasers
PRIBO_69: will get it back, no worries
cula1: yeah, hf

he got stacked few hands later from another guy
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