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Reraise und call eines Allins mit King high!

profiler19 folds, fffredff75 calls $1, massi72 folds, Pokamon73 folds, PotFish16 folds, Manner123 folds, Deltahedge calls $1, EarlKeats calls $1, hoowey bets $6, dzenic folds, fffredff75 folds, Deltahedge folds, EarlKeats bets $11, hoowey calls $5.50.

FLOP [board cards 6S,7S,4H ]
hoowey checks, EarlKeats bets $5, hoowey bets $24, EarlKeats bets $38, hoowey bets $87.60 and is all-in, EarlKeats calls $46.90 and is all-in.

TURN [board cards 6S,7S,4H,KS ]

RIVER [board cards 6S,7S,4H,KS,JS ]

hoowey shows [ QC,QD ]
EarlKeats shows [ 10C,KC ]
hoowey wins $21.70, EarlKeats wins $203.80.

Zahltag für mich:

towercrow folds, profiler19 folds, fffredff75 bets $3, massi72 folds, stralis1000 folds, PotFish16 bets $10, Deltahedge folds, EarlKeats bets $16.50, hoowey folds, fffredff75 folds, PotFish16 bets $50, EarlKeats bets $86, PotFish16 calls $37.05 and is all-in.

FLOP [board cards 6S,6D,5S ]

TURN [board cards 6S,6D,5S,9C ]

RIVER [board cards 6S,6D,5S,9C,7D ]

EarlKeats shows [ JC,AD ]
PotFish16 shows [ QS,QC ]
EarlKeats wins $5.95, PotFish16 wins $195.10.
Last night I stayed up late playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died. - Steven Wright

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