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Default Skeptix Amazing Stat - Finishing

Skeptix - I was looking at your stats and there is one amazing thing about them that is astonishing to me.

You make the final table almost half of the time that you make the money!

By chance that should be around 10% but you are well over 40% on most sites you play.

It is simply incredible!

You can't possibly be showing down very often, because just by chance you are going to lose enough pots so that you can't get near that half the time mark. It is an insanely large number. Amazing.

What the hell are you doing?

Are you making the money with a big stack most of the time that you make the money?
What weakness of your opponents are you capitalizing on most?
When are you most active during the tournament?
Is there any specific advice you can give to help someone who makes the money as often as you do, but doesn't finish well?


Edit - Oops wrong forum... Meant to post to Tournament Strategy but accidentally posted here and can't figure out how to delete. Sorry.

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