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Thanks for your answer.

You speak about sophistication in agression. Other players lack it. You have it. I am trying to get a handle on this concept.

I understand, I think, what you are saying about re-raising more than just raising. The idea, I think, is that since other players are being agressive as they think they should, their range of hands to open is weaker than they are comforatable with. When you come over the top, you are representing a hand that has a much tighter range then they are willing to play against. You are using selective agression against players who you know are playing outside of their element.

From previous posts, I think you are willing to do this with a much bigger range then they think you could have. Not only that, but the range you use is intentionally dissimilar from their holding. Things like suited connectors and low pocket pairs. It sounds like you would rather have a couple of live cards then be dominated with a weak ace or a couple of face cards. Is this right?

Also, it seems like you are looking for a little something extra in each situation that creates extra fold equity. For example, you talk about a situation where an agressive player raises and a tight player calls. In this situation, you are very likely to push because the fold equity is so high. Am I right that you are always trying to maximize fold equity by recognizing situations that other average tournament players don't? If so, and I am sorry I haven't thoroughly read you previous posts (I am pretty new), but can you take a minute to go over some of these high FE situations or point me to a reference?

Given the above assumptions, I had a situation the other day that I think I made a mistake in. 26K guaranteed on FT. 110 left. I am about 65th with 14K chips. Blinds are 500/1000 An agressive player raises from UTG+1 to 2.5K. He has 15K. It is folded to me in the cutoff holding nines. To me, this is always a no brainer push situation. But, maybe there isn't enough fold equity right now to push. I have pushed several times in the last two orbits. I have not seen this guy fold a raise yet. I can't really put him on a hand nor do I know what he might call with. The only thing I do know, is that he has opened for a raise almost every orbit for the last 4 or 5 orbits when either UTG or UTG+1. I take this information and assume that I should push in. But, what I discounted is that this raise was a little weaker than his previous raises in this spot probably indicating that he is stronger than normal.

Anyway, I am not sure my push was wrong there. What I do know is that I think this situation lacked an extra ingrediant that would substantially increase the FE. I think I was using blind agression rather than the sophisticated agression that you speak of. Thoughts? Should I have waited for a better spot?

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