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Default This hand made me want to quit! Help!

I make a nice profit from live no limit games either 1-3 or 2-5.

I buy in for $300 and get up to $480 within an hour. In the BB I have 10,10, 6 callers to me for $3 so I raise to $20. Everyone fold except one, the button who limped in raises to $50. I call and put him on AA KK or AK, although he has been pretty loose and he has $500 in front of him. The flop. Q,Q,10 rainbow. I bet out $80 and he goes all in. I call. He has A,Q unsuited and the guy to my right says he folded the case queen. I need to dodge an Ace. The turn, is a J and the river is a J. Although I feel we played our hands well, this was one of the worst beats ever for me.

The next night I flopped nut flush. Two all ins in front of me so I call. The other two had 2nd nuts and 3rd nuts, $300 each.

Just don't know if I can handle the swings, the win was nice but the bad beat stays with me for 2 weeks. Is this normal or do I need to shrug it off quicker?
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