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Originally Posted by TWLLM View Post
1. Losing 1 hand cannot ever = a downswing. You want to know what a downswing is? Try 25 set over set losses in a row (the first 3 of which were when my opponent hit a 1 out river...). 25xbuyin =

Today I was two tabling. One table I had AA and turned a set. Turned out I two outered a guy who had flopped a set of 5s and I got him all in for a whole buy in. Simultaneously on the other hand I flopped a set of 5s and got all in against another guy for another full buy in. He had flopped a set of 4's.

This beautiful moment in my poker career made me think of you. And how I inverse TWLLM-ed two people within about 2 seconds of each other.


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