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Originally Posted by TWLLM View Post
Uhh... that's the point. I managed to make it really deep without winning almost any showdowns, to lose QQ vs AA.

There were no spectacular bad beats - it was all 'standard', but the point is that usually when the standard hands go against you, you lose. Here, all the standard stuff was going against me and I was still managing to hang in by chopping at pots, but in the end still couldn't get a single damn break.

Looking at those hands in isolation is meaningless. That wasn't the point. If you want 'complaints' of that type, i posted a sick set over set hand elsewhere that should do the trick.
I understand what you are saying in the context of bad beats in one tournament, but that kind of stuff happens on a regular basis. I guess you just need to vent more than most as a sort of relief-valve?
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