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Default Tilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dad was looking over my shoulder where I was playing sit and go and told me I was sucking really bad... SO I FIGURED I'D SHOW THAT BASTARD AND PUT 1K ON A CASH TABLE. HELL YEAH, DOUBLE UP...THAT WILL SHOW HIM.

Everest Poker — Hand Details
Hand ID: 1683870044
Table ID: -68752559
Play Mode: Real Money
Table Name: Thimphu-2
Game Type: Hold'em
Blinds: $4.00/$8.00
Stakes: $8.00/$8.00
Currency: USD
Starting Date: 2007-06-18 GMT
Starting Time: 00:53:36 GMT

Seating Arrangement:
raybucks is at seat 1 with $392.00.
windrider2 is at seat 2 with $2162.80.
MADSAM is at seat 3 with $969.20.
JPSP is at seat 4 with $749.20.
DaniStar5 is at seat 5 with $823.00.
LadyLvck is at seat 6 with $643.60.
Post Blinds:
The button is at seat 6.
raybucks posts the small blind of $4.00.
windrider2 posts the big blind of $8.00.
Deal Pocket Cards:
raybucks: -- --
windrider2: -- --
MADSAM: -- --
JPSP: -- --
DaniStar5: -- --
LadyLvck: Kd Ks
MADSAM folds.
JPSP calls $8.00.
DaniStar5 calls $8.00.
LadyLvck raises $16.00.
raybucks folds.
windrider2 folds.
JPSP calls $8.00.
DaniStar5 calls $8.00.

Flop (Jc 6d Qc):
JPSP checks.
DaniStar5 checks.
LadyLvck raises $60.00.
JPSP calls $60.00.
DaniStar5 folds.

Turn (Jc 6d Qc 2d):
JPSP checks.
LadyLvck raises $180.00.
JPSP raises $673.20.
LadyLvck calls $387.60.

River (Jc 6d Qc 2d 9s):
JPSP shows Qs Js.
JPSP has 9s Js Jc Qs Qc: Two Pair
LadyLvck shows Kd Ks.
LadyLvck has 9s Jc Qc Kd Ks: Pair

Pot Summary:
$105.60 is returned to JPSP (uncalled).
Total Pot: $1315.20
JPSP wins $1312.20.
House Rake: $3.00

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