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Originally Posted by phantom007 View Post
I've only seen 3 royal flushes in my life; once online, another time i dealt my friend a royal flush on the way to the casino in the back of the blazer, and the latest time was to win a 100+20 buy in at the ShowBoat Casino in Atlantic City, NJ!

There was 64 entrant and it payed top 6. Starting chips 10K-----> moving along!

After 5 1/2 hours of great reads and great play i had reached the final table. When i first sat down i was chip leader by a little bit, but all of a sudden two big stacks raise crazy big preflop. Flop come 268 rainbow. First guy checks next guy raises all in. The guy instantly calls with his 88! He flopped the set of 8's and the poor guy with QQ busted out and got 0$ so now i'm far from chip leader.

Now it down to the three of us i'm second in chips still and the one buy is short stacked. I"m BB for 24000 and he only has 60 K left he goes all in and i call with my Q8 suited. He has 55 and i catch my 8 plus Q just for good measure!

So now it's heads up. We play heads up for about 35 mins. I'm now chips leader by roughly 90k or so.

I'm dealt QJ of hearts aka. my favorite draw and and this guys is dealt JJ. He raises like 85K i call. Flop come Q J 10, and the 10's is a heart=]. I check. He raises 120K. I push all in over the top for 380K and he calls instantly. I'm so mad when i see his hand! The next card hits and it's the A of hearts. Now i have a few more outs, and then low and behold the K of hearts hit of the river!

It was great!@ every one in the poker room went nutz! We all had a good time and the 2440$ didn't hurt either=]!!!!!!!!!
Very cool story! Amazing runner runner SF to win it. It must have been an very cool scene when everyone went nuts on that river card.
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