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Originally Posted by dcrocha View Post
Played 12 SNGs tonight.

Busted out of seven of them with the following hands:

K8 vs 86 off (pf - bubble)
AK vs KQ
AQ vs AJ
AJ vs AT
KQ vs K6
AQ vs KJ
A9 vs 97

How the hell am I supposed to have a good ROI if since I started playing a year ago I keep getting this over and over and over and over again?
Sorry S happens sometimes. These will always stick out in your mind while the times you win these are forgotten. Yes you are a nice favorite in most of these but your opponent isn't as bad off as you would like to think.

K8 vs 86 off (pf - bubble) your 3:1
AK vs KQ your 3:1
AQ vs AJ your 3:1
AJ vs AT your 3:1
KQ vs K6 your 3:1
AQ vs KJ your 3:2
A9 vs 97 your 3:1
You only live once...So enjoy it while you can!

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