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Sorry, this is it...

Everest Poker — Hand Details
Hand ID: 1707444053
Table ID: -69470372
Play Mode: Real Money
Tournament Table: Mawenzi-2
Game Type: Hold'em
Blinds: 5/10
Stakes: 10/10
Currency: USD
Starting Date: 2007-06-23 GMT
Starting Time: 06:13:52 GMT

Seating Arrangement:
LadyLvck is at seat 1 with 1000.
nicolision is at seat 2 with 1000.
Dealing high card for the button:
LadyLvck receives 6c.
nicolision receives 2c.
High card is 6c. LadyLvck is on the button.
Post Blinds:
The button is at seat 2.
nicolision posts the small blind of 5.
LadyLvck posts the big blind of 10.
Deal Pocket Cards:
LadyLvck: 8c 6c
nicolision: -- --
nicolision raises 25.
LadyLvck raises 80.
nicolision raises 240.
LadyLvck calls 180.

Flop (7c 6d 5d):
LadyLvck checks.
nicolision raises 730.
LadyLvck calls 730.

Turn (7c 6d 5d Qs 4s):
nicolision shows 3h 3s.
nicolision has 3h 4s 5d 6d 7c: Straight
LadyLvck shows 8c 6c.
LadyLvck has 4s 5d 6c 7c 8c: Straight
nicolision is eliminated.

Pot Summary:
Total Pot: 2000
LadyLvck wins 2000.
No Rake is taken for this hand.
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