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Default Bored? Bankroll looking generous? Try ' The System '

For those of you who haven't read Sklansky's tournament poker I'll quote the two simple rules of his creation 'The System'...

'1) If someone else has raised in front of you, move in all of your chips with aces, kings, or ace-king suited. Otherwise fold.

2) If no one else has raised in front of you, move in all your chips with any pair, any ace-other suited, ace-king (suited or off suit), or two suited connected cards, except for four trey or trey deuce. '

Ok so before i tell you how i got on with it, I'll just quote the reasoning behind the madness:

'A well known casino owner wanted to give his 21 year old daughter the thrill of playing in the final world championship event at the World Series of Poker at Binion's Horseshoe in Las Vegas.... There was only one problem. She had never played poker before in her life.'

'The casino owner, skeptical of my system, decided to try it himself in this smaller tournament (a $2000 NL tournament). The System brought his chips from $2000 to $35,000! He made the final table and came in about 5th place. He decided, for the first time in the tournament, to deviate from 'The System'. Specifically, what he did was call a raise in front of him with AKo. The flop came AKT and the raiser had two tens. Furthermore the raiser was the only player who had more chips than he did. Thus there is every reason to believe that had he followed The System, he would have come in at least the top three.

'The daughter was not so lucky... right near the end of the first day she ran into a big stack with the dreaded aces. I always wonder what would have happened had she won that hand.'

So after reading this story and taking a few bad hits HU I found a few reasons of Sklansky's to give it a try in a $1.10 turbo 45 player MTT:

1) 'Most good players would feel very silly playing such a system, so anyone who tested it would more likely be a gambler who does not have his ego involved.' (not a problem for me I'm not a good player and as for the gambling part, $1.10 is 4% of my bankroll.)

2) 'There is no good counter strategy which avoids significant risk. In fact, if you use it at a table with some famous world champions, I guarantee you will have them tearing their hair out.' (with hindsight, there were less world champions playing than I'd expected)

So i followed the strategy religiously folding AQ off suit at all times. I took the tournament lead on the 2nd hand when my 6's beat the AJo called by the big blind. I managed to maintain a substantial lead after my 10's held up against another guy calling all in with AJo. When there were less than 2/3 of us left my tournament took a turn. My T8s was called down by AKo... but by two players. I couldn't really help but smile when the 8 hit the turn and the chat box lit-up with the D word. My stack of over 13,000 was now over double the average. Receiving AA, KK and QQ on my way to the final table helped take the ante's and a few short stacks. On the final table I noticed my stack depleting and fast as the $2000 BB's took their toll. But my 2's holding up against AQ and the guy to my right folding every small blind in fear of me getting all-in angry kept me in the lead to the last 5. At this point the short stack's being swallowed up , left me 2nd of 3. The chip leader raised my small blind and obviously with 75s in front of me I had to go all in. Unfortunately it couldn't defeat his 6's and I left the tournament in third, with no gg message from either of the remaining players or observers.

And that is how using just 13% of the possible pre-flop hands dealt to me, I managed to turn $1.10 into $7 using 'The System'. Thankyou David Sklansky.
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