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Well, if we've learned anything so far from this poll, I am a bastard.

Responding to a couple points...

However I think it would be nice if you had like 25-33% of your action like you had for the WCOOP.
Having 50% of the net is enough to make me play my best game. In fact, knowing that I'm playing for others tends to make me do things I wouldn't normally do (such as 1-table and not get crazy stoned deep in an event).

Just one though : You cant come to a 500$ event and not be willing to play it to the end, you absolutly have to be fully focused on the tournament (well if you want me to stake you at least, but I am pretty sure most people were quite shock to see you started a 530$ tournament and was willing to ask another player to finish it) or cancel the deal.
There was a previous staking deal where I slept through an event. Stakers were fully refunded for that event's buyin. There was only one event this go around that sleep became an issue, and I was fully prepared to play it out if no one could take over, I just felt that if I went deep it might be in everyone's interest to let me pass it off to a more alert player. In the future I will include something outlining refund policies in the event that I cannot play.

I think I remember (read: correct me if I'm wrong there) that in your "I am a bad poker player" thread there was a little discussion of your style of tournament play fitting the shorter stack tournaments better than tournaments with a rather deep stack.
That thread was written quite a while ago. Many of the things I discussed there do not apply today. As of now I prefer good structures in tournaments, as I've mostly switched over to playing small-ball.

maybe, stars isn't your favourite site.
I fully believe that my numbers on stars are an example of the variance inherent in tournaments. There have been so many $100+ buyin tournies where I got really unlucky deep. A $20k score would make things look mighty different. That being said, FTP is definitely my best site (I have absolutely no interest in playing on Bodog at the moment).
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