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Why is Frasier Crane's dad running for President?

Seriously, thanks for this Skeptix. I like to take an interest in US politics because what happens there affects the UK and the rest of the world so much but I have to say we've been getting very little from the Republican side of the debate over here - the press seems focused on Hilary vs Obama and Giuliani's frequent blow ups unfortunately. Consequently I've never even heard of this guy.

I love the fact that he's proposing some genuinely new solutions to problems but I think he would be incredibly dangerous for the US and the world in general. Like it or not you guys have the key role to play on the world stage and going with what seems to be an extreme policy of isolationism may benefit the US in the short-term but long-term you, and the rest of the world will suffer for it.

His economic and social policies also seem pretty thin. Huge numbers of US citizens can't afford adequate healthcare and he's proposing massive tax cuts and an end to "cradle to grave" government? Does he have any mechanism to ensure that everyone re-invests their personal tax breaks into insuring their own welfare?
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