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Originally Posted by MRVEGAS View Post
This man deserves serious consideration:

Seriously, i just hope they dont change press secretary

Giuliani will get the republican nomination, the end. (not an endorsement, just the way its headed.)

Not a big fan of this guy. He's aware of some of the problems, but he turns that into nationalistic xenophobia and he helps perpetuate the "blue collar myth". Guys, when I talk about "boorish" on IRC, this is what I mean, except that I'm like a 2 out of 10 and this guy is an 8. Obviously he's just some guy with a video camera that does it for Mr.V (and more power to him on that).

As for Mr. Beaks, you really need to understand the background of Libertarianism to not take some of the stuff he says the wrong way. For instance on Nationalized Medicine, he's against it because he's against the government being in control of it, not because he doesn't think everyone should have the ability to attain health care. He's a doctor! It's one of those situations wherein by seemingly helping the margin, you actually hurt the margin (and move more people into it). On this matter I can understand why some people would be so reticent, but you really have to watch the hour long video for more depth.

As for Libertarianism, there's an excellent FAQ on the most extreme model, often known as Anarcho-Capitalism, on the 2+2 politics forum. Dr. Paul doesn't fall in line with everything, but he does with most of it.

As for his isolationist views, he is not xenophobic. He would foster friendship and free trade with all nations. What he is against is nation-building, the meddling with other country's political affairs. We must understand that the US doesn't just wage wars to nation-build, the coup d'état in Venezuela is a good example of this. You could also look at dozens of other recent examples.

As for Giuliani, I would tend to agree it's going in that direction (unfortunately). However, I don't see how he can possibly win the General Election (not that I would want him to, he is such a tool). So we're gonna be stuck with Hillary Clinton most likely. While I do think she would be much more of a diplomatic force (a good thing), I really don't trust her to be responsible for ending the war (a very bad thing). Finally, I see the various programs she would create as being "better" than those created by Bush, but they would still be mostly pork and innefficiency.

Ron Paul is the only person that seems to *actually* care about the US economy.
Skeptix is correct. - MRVEGAS
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