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Do you really think Hillary will get it Skeptix?

He wants to bring back the gold standard. Most economists will tell you that's a heinously stupid idea.
He doesn't want to bring back "the" gold standard. He actually understands some of the flaws inherent in the original gold standard. What he wants is an American dollar based on some form of "hard asset", as opposed to just printing the money at will.

Also, if you listen to him talk about the "inflation tax", this is a result of the FED printing the money. Many of these economists have some sort of financial interest in the inflation tax. The current system makes things run better on Wall Street, but that's not the economy, that's rich people. You can feel free to quote me some sources of legit (not full of shit/conflict of interest) economists defending our current system. But as of now, I am of the opinion that these people are the spokespeople for the rich.

You're serious, OMG. This guy to me is like MC at the local comedy club, hes just funny, like hahaha, loosen up and have a laugh type funny. "Lighten up Francis" Like poor mans Andrew dice Clay/Macys thanksgiving parade type thing.
If he was doing this at a comedy club I would think it quite different. You might find him funny, I find him to be an example of the dumbing down of the American public.

Clinton/Edwards will be the ticket that wins. America just isnt ready for a woman and a black man in the white house at the same time and we all know it, although Obama is paving the way to become the first African American President. It wont be so much Hilliary winning but Bill Clintons wife winning, i would bet we'll see and hear a lot from slick Willie when they come down the stretch. The economy flurished during Bills 8yrs, whether he had much to with it or not thats what will resonate with the voters.
I think this is an accurate representation of what will likely happen. The only thing I might disagree with some is the idea that Bill will run the show. I happen to think Hillary might have been running the show a bit during Bill's presidency.
Skeptix is correct. - MRVEGAS
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