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Default Random Vegas fun fact.

Well I was writing an email to my friends including some fun fact I saw in vegas since I got there (4 days ago) but I believe I might as well post it here and direct them to this as some of you might be interested in reading this as well.

- Played NL1/2 at mandalay bay, guy has 140$ left on river bets 100$ I shove, he calls saying "for info" with 8 high (OESD which missed) and leaves right away

- HU pot betwenn a young guy and a hot girl at NL1/2 at the V, girl checks, dude bet 50$ girls starts grabbing chips guy turn over his hand (nut flush) and say "no I dont want you to call, I bet cause I have to but I dont want you to lose money".

- 3am I am going back to my room at the trop, hot black girl comes to me and say "want a little company ? a blowjob maybe ?" was like "uh no thanks". Never saw that kind of stuff before but it happed 2 more times already so I think its actually fairly comon.

- Played a mix game at the wymm 10/20 limit, some people didnt know the rules of some games, was fun and an easy 750$.

- 8/16 LHE at the wymm, english guy arround 25 buys in for 20K in bills of 100 + some chips, talks like a ultimate baller "oh yeah I love france, I go there every 2 month, love the tour d argent (very nice and expensive restaurant in paris) I spend like 10k euros there per year)" kind of stuff. I ask him what game does he usually play, answer straight away "bacarat". I loled. NIT looking 19 yo tells him its not possible to beat that game english guy looked at him like it was the most stupid stuff he ever heard amd says "Do you even know what bacarat is or is it the first time they let you in to the casino ?". I LOLED very hard there, at some point he lost his chip and took his stack of 20k off the table, dealer told him it couldnt do that, turned out it was a fake bankroll only the first 100 was real. He left shortly after that.

- Tropicana room have mirror above and arround the bed (maybe standard for american for european might find this funny).

- One guy said "in cash games you have the odds to play any suited connectors ..... no matter how many gap"

- was playing BJ, one guy had a sheet with every move he had to make, another guy told him its useless as for it to work you need everyone to follow it, if someone doesnt then the right card wont come. Guy who had the sheet who I thought a fonctionning brain prior to that insta answered "oh I know, thats why I sit in that sit (first to act) so nobody can steal my card".

- Cab driver tried to screw me from the airport to the wymm at 1am ask "strip of freeway" asnwred "whatever is shortest" went freeway. As we arrive at the wymm a police car stops him and he tells me "ok I will give you the ride for free just tell the cop you told me to take the freeway". Cop asks me if the driver informed me the freeway took longer, said yes.

- Up 1458$ so far, live poker is fun imo.

Thats it for now, I am there for another 4 days, heading off to the B atm, let me know if you want me to post some more.
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