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Default Lol, what are the odds of this?

Yesterday, I'm playing $1-$2 NL on stars and get dealt AA and flop comes A55. Villain of course had pocket 5's. Wheeeee. Today I'm in the cutoff with JJ, two limpers in front of me and and raise 7x BB. and both call. Flop is J 55. Bet 1/2 pot and both call. Turn puts 3rd spade on the board. All 3 of us check. River is 2c, first player checks, 2nd player makes 3/4 pot bet, and I raise AI. First player folds, 2nd player calls and shows 55. How ironic. I couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes. Moral of the story, if you flop the big full just check and fold.
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