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First, the goal when you post a hand is not to write the longest post possible.
this was way too long to read when all you needed to say was:

Hi, I flopped the second nut str8 with a redraw and I lost. It sucked.

No need to explain your hand strenght and stuff, we can all read a board here

Also, you give tons and tons of somewhat useless info, but you dont even mention what position player C is, which is crucial info ( while not changing our actions anywhere in the hand obviously) if hes UTG, perhaps he has AK trying to limp reraise, but if hes the 3rd limper, dont even think about AK ever there.

Now theres absolutely nothing else to add to this. Ill just chip in some random advices that seem to be pertinent.

When you flop this kind of hand also known as super-monsters, you need a very different thought process than the one you had. You need to be able to evaluate the relative strenght of your hand; obviously, sometimes a str8 is monster, sometimes its a bluff catcher like 67 on a 898910.
You obviously flopped the nuts there and you wouldnt even need the redraw to consider it the nuts.

*Like in this particular example, youre saying you have 12 outs to improve. Its not exactly true in term of relative strenght/hand that will pay off the most. An ace is the pure action killer, thats not improvement... You cant lose now sure, but you wont get paid off which is a lot worse than fearing an extremely rare AK. The flush is kinda bad for you too since every noobs in live games are insta thinking omg omg theres a flush possible!
And not very important but there a somewhat higher chance that you will get the Ace high flush in your face if the 3rd spade comes than AK, with PF action.

So basically that redraw is nice to have of course, but only to make it possible for you to slow down the action a bit aka trapping and for the once in this century when the guy will have AK

When you flopped the nuts and arent even scared about getting outdrawn, youre not betting to protect your hand, youre not thinking, oh but he could have quads when you have 44 on 422 flop, or AK in a limped pot... youre thinking ship all the money to big daddy and are now thinking about how to receive that shipment

You need to bet that flop because if nobody hit that flop, the turn will very rarely bring you action you wouldnt get on the flop, but can a lot more likely bring an action killer like an A/9/spade... and you want to play a big pot obviously so you need to bet. Youre not betting there to protect against an improbable A high FD.
Try to maximize... you want hands like Kx and bottom 2 pairs to stay in there while charging them for the max.

What Im trying to say is stop playing the game in constant fear of losing. Your post just reeks of fear imo... Thats bad.
The point is not to never put your money in bad, its to maximize your profits. That means sometimes ( most of the time) getting all in without the nuts.
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crazy thing is is i win money lol. that should be a ray of hope for all newbies

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