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Thanks for the spot-on advice, TWLLM

The problem with live poker is you're seeing 20-30 hands/hr so it takes months to meet your weekly expectation (by online standards) and years to meet your monthly and a lifetime to meet your yearly expectation.
I don't really consider that to be true. Maybe I'm crazy but something like $.25-.50 online to me is much more difficult than $1-2 live, and in my very little experience with it, $3-5 wasn't much harder. The game was just about the same, many of the players were the same, and the only real difference I saw was that I needed more money than I had to continue playing it. If I was rolled for it I probably wouldn't even bother playing $1-2.

I have no idea if the trend holds up as you climb the limits, but what I do know is, at least where I play, is the live guys get frustrated and bored very easily and aren't too hard to take advantage of. Online, since people are playing games that move 4x as fast and multitabling, that inherent advantage isn't there. Plus, in my experience I'm breakeven/losing online and can't multi-table anyway so I'm sticking to live

Anyway, most of the key losses have been suckouts-- a week ago at $1-3 NL I had second to act, I raise to $15, button calls with . Flop comes down , I raise again, he reraises, I go all in, he calls. Obviously, he rivers the flush.

The problem is, there haven't been many key hands that were big winners-- I played last night, and the few times I was dealt premiums, I got no action. The regulars knows I play tight aggressive, and I typically use that to my advantage by playing my draws and missed hands like I made them, or occasionally slowplaying when I do make them. This has worked very well for me in the past. In the past few weeks though, absolutely nothing has come together.

I guess I'm trying to convince myself that's its just been bad luck in this post But the original question of how to deal with it remains; assuming it's bad luck, is taking a break and trying to get some more money together to get overrolled the only solution here?

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