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Default My WSOP blog

I am writing a blog for pokertips during the series, my blog will be in french but since most of you dont read french I will translate everything in english and post it here.

If you have something to say feel free to post in this thread.

Welcome everyone

For the second year in a row I am atending the WSOP. After meeting ozone (co founder of for the first time at the WSOP last year, he contacted me to blog for pokertips. I instantly accepted as I have been thinking of making a blog for a while, being part of a “team” of bloggers definitely makes it more exiting.

To introduce my self briefly I am a 22 y/o French student. I have been playing poker seriously for almost 2 years now and this is my second time at the world series. I play games that most of you probably never heard about, mainly 2-7 triple draw but also most limit games (I play a lot of HORSE tournament).

During the series I intend to play 3-4 WSOP events (the 1500$ HORSE and 2500$ 2-7 Triple draw for sure, will most likely had the 3k$ HORSE and 2500$ 8 game mix). Some smaller casinos also host their own series in june, I will also play a bunch of those, there are severals 500$ HORSE tournament that I am interested in. That said I am more of a cash game player so I will play a lot of mid-high stakes cash game during the summer.

I will try to make this blog half poker half social life. Las Vegas at that time of the year is a great place to meet a lot of other poker players who are in town for the same reasons. As a matter of fact I will be renting a suite at the palms with a friend who I met on Pokerstars. We play the same game and play it a lot so we eventually got to talk and as it turned out that we seemed to have a lot in common and both were looking for roommates for the series we choose to rent a suite together.

I am landing in Las Vegas on Tuesday June 2nd and staying for a month. My first tournament this year will be the 500$ HORSE event at the Binion (small casino by vegas standard in downtown Las Vegas).
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