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Default Taking a Break

Well I'm taking a break from poker, not sure how long its gonna last. Last week I lost my entire online bankroll in 24 hours. The sad thing was I wasn't even on tilt. It consisted of some of the craziest coolers and bad beats I've been involved in. Then last night I went to play some 5/10 fixed locally,

sit down, im one in front of the big blind, dealer makes sure I want to wait, im like no i'll post up now. (I sat down with a beer, im only 20, and I figured my table image is worth a lot more than $5). first hand 2T. limped to see a flop. Long story short board was 2TA Q T and I lost to TQ. Very next hand AKs. Board was AK2 5 2, guy rivers his flush. What a way to start my first 2 hands, saw 8 more free ones and left cause i was tilting hard. Anyway, no more poker for me for a while. Im sure I'll still be cruising the forums or back in a few months. Probably something that happens to everybody at some point.

btw im not makin this thread cause im like a well known member here or anything just kinda had to rant it out a bit. But best of luck to you guys, maybe ill be back and play in some of the poker tips tournaments you guys have. Peace
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