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Originally Posted by SwoopAE View Post
Je ne pal pas francais, parlezvous Anglais?

Did I get that right?

With the help of an online translator though i'm completely fluent.... right?

Eminem should totally rap in French
Je ne parle pas Français, parlez vous Anglais ?
With a foreign accent like the one you probably have, this will be perfect. I've actually had alot of Aussies coming in my school as exchange students...they had some kind of success with girls. Damn all surfers with perfect body!!!!

Now for the online translator, this a pack of bullshit. But if you want real French rap, you can try :

Of course, it's old, so might not be your cup of tea (cause you're a young brat loving high and over fast bass beats ).
The texts are prime quality, you'll miss all the value if you don't understand it...but still, could be cool for you to listen and learn French...with rap music. (well, if you're not a poetry/philosophy freak, it's better than nothing).
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