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Originally Posted by Joes28 View Post
LM, it seems like u have a hard time playing a lot of tables... maybe this is because of your eyesight or something i dont know, but imo, if you cant play a bunch of tables you should definetly consider switching to cash games, or HU sngs.
What the remaining eye-discomfort (the eyesight is actually almost perfect with glasses on) does is decreasing my concentration. Think of it as trying to play poker while you really have to pee. It is tough to concentrate.

This makes me process information slower and reduces short term memory. This hurts my game the most postflop, where I suck greatly at putting people on hand-ranges and figuring out which action to take.

The great thing about non-HU STTs is that it is probably the game with the most emphasis on preflop play, and with the help from PT2 and PAHUD I can handle them as long as I stick to 1 table at a time.

I am a little uncertain what I will do when my eyes get perfect, but I think it stands between single-tabling (at least in the beginning) HU STTs or multi-table 6-seat STTs. I will naturally not make this change during this stake-thingy, though, if my eyes where to become perfect.

But thanks for the tip.

Day 2 was a bad day as well. Not a catastrophy of biblical proportions like day 1, but it was a red day. The bankroll was $270 or even less at some point. But I have made some changes, which I think helped for the rest of the day, and which should be positive for future days. The cost is that I probably won´t be able to play as many STTs per day as I have so far.

I started playing much shorter sessions, started game-selecting and dramatically increased the amount of post-play analysis. I have made threads on the STT forum on 2+2 of hands I am/was unsure of, if anybody are interested.

I was gonna post ROIs for each day and then ROIs overall in these updates, but for some reason PokerTracker is giving me a hard time doing this, so I will have to settle for ROIs overall.

After Day 2

16 $11s ROI 15,91%
5 $22s ROI -100%

52 Party Points worth $0

Bankroll $293 (-$9)

The $22s are obviously rigged. I will play the $11s until I am bankrolled for the $22s again (I need to have $293,33 for that).

The bot has spoken.

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