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Default My Aces Got Cracked

I'm Holding AA in the button late in a tournament

UTG bets 3x, the CO re raises to 9xBB
I take my time do a little "hollywood" (trying to lure more players in)
and finally call. The SB , BB and UTG fold
The Flop is :

As 6d Jh

I'm happy, He is holding A something and i can take the pot , he goes all in and I call , shows me Ad and 6h
I show him the AA , thinking he is drawing dead.
what do I see in the turn and river ?

you guessed right 6s and 6c .
He hit Quads with runners, i had some chips left but i just closed my computer so I don't even know what happened after that in the tourney.
i like to play, only if its playmoney
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