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Originally Posted by killcrazy View Post
you did okay in the last one?
Thank you sir.

ask about this on and prepare yourself for a series of "you can't compare ratings to otb ratings" posts.
Their forums have a LOT of noise. There are good players and smart people there, but I rarely venture into those waters.

i haven't played enough there to get a feel for how inflated their ratings are, they will be less inflated the higher you go.
I'm not so sure about that. They have people on there rated like 2900 who are probably average IMs. It is definitely inflated though.
i reckon you're probably around 1400-1500 uscf/1325-1425fide,
Good to know. I actually still have my Chess Canada membership card from when I was like 10, but I haven't played rated games since then.
but if you started playing live tournaments you'd perform lower than that because it takes time before you can play a four hour game without losing concentration, you also have to be able to manage the clock and you can't leave the game and come back to it fresh when you suddenly see the move that is obviously best. plus in correspondence chess you're allowed to use books, you can go to the bathroom whenever you want without having to find an arbiter, you're allowed to smoke without your opponent making fake coughing sounds every time you light up, and so on.
When I was a kid I played a few local tournaments. They weren't 4 hour games though, I think they were just game 60 which I don't have trouble with, but for sure it would be a big adjustment.

Side note: I found some old men playing chess in a library on Monday night and had a couple games with them. Didn't get to play the Russian one named Yuri though. He was a very popular opponent. He only knew a few words in English, but he used them cheerfully almost as mantras during the game. During the opening he would quietly repeat "good position" in a singsong voice and when the game heated up, he would breath out "attack" every time he moved. Then when he won, he opened up a bag and gave his opponent and everyone watching a candy. Apparently he had been doing this for like the last 12 hours.

yeay. here's my most recent game
As an exercise, I'll annotate that and maybe we'll get some discussion. Not until later today though.
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