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Originally Posted by joeyjoejoejr View Post
16', top-right, ATo on 3486 board:
were you going to 3-barrel any cards, or giving up on certain turns/rivers?

Giving up turn 8. 6 and 7 are pretty bad turn cards and I would give up a decent amount of time, but if I decide to barrel the turn on 6 or 7 I'm definetly betting river since he will have a weak pair + straight draw often.
Probably betting river on anything but an 8.

Barreling here is particularly good if you know that he would raise his sets, and slowplayed big pairs on the flop. The adjustment he should be making do avoid being runover is to flat flop and turn with the monsters to induce further bluffs and value bets from me.

Like I said I am just checking and giving up on the flop a decent amount of the time as well.
Yeah, from what I know it is very standard to give up when the turn pairs top card of the board. Though sometimes I hear it is still an ok spot to barrel if the flop is more drawy, cause the chance he folds a flushdraw increases (I mean he thinks you should not be bluffing paired turn, so your bet indicates you have a hand, and he knows he might be already drawing dead)... So my last question is, can you imagine a situation where it's ok to bluff-barrel paired turn?

28', bottom-right, A5o on J3JQ board:
if you have showdown value like with 99, what do you do? Or, with weak hands like A3/44/22, do you barrel the turn, and maybe planning to fire any river or what?

I am betting 99 for value/protection on turn. Ck deciding on the river.

A3/44/22 could attempt to ck it down on the flop (and fold if he bets) if he will ck down with A high and occasionly air. You could balance this by ck calling 3 streets with something like AA,KK so he won't know to barrel you if you check the flop.
So does this mean there are no made hands that you are cbetting with but decide to check-call the turn and check-decide the river? Maybe 66 or 77? I'm still kinda lost, what is better - try to check them down? Or cbet, then check-call/check-decide? Or try to fold mid PPs by 3barreling?

29', top-right, ATo on T55xK board:
how would you have played if it was you in the CO with that QcT hand? What if it was QhTx (no flushdraw)?

Not sure it is a tough spot for him. I probably usually call at least the flop raise and turn bet like he did but against some players I could fold on flop. It just depends how often you think he would bluff raise with air and how often he would raise for value with K10,A10 and perhaps slowplayed overpairs. (I might just flat a big pair on BTN vs CO if there was someone particulary squeeze happy in blinds)
Ok, that's fine by me. Back to OTB position, can you see yourself bluff-raising here if you miss the flop? (like with overcards or 78s with BDFD+BDSD?
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