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Default Funniest bad beat + THE case for auto-rebuy?

Sat down at a table and while waiting for the BB position I quickly identified the table maniac: the player had a 3X buyin stack and lost most of it in 2 big hands, being involved in every single pot with calls and raises with rag hands, clearly on full tilt.

Playing my second hand, as SB, I got dealt AQs. Everyone folds, the maniac raises 2BB (which (s)he did in all previous rounds), I do a minimum reraise to 4BB, BB folds and maniac calls.

The flop brings AQ4, rainbow. I decide to slow-play and check. Our table maniac goes allin with his remaining stack which was 2/3 of the buyin. I call.

Turn: 6
River: 2

Waiting to collect my pot, I see the maniac show 53 (not even suited) and begin to realize what just happened.

Now comes the interesting part: the immediate next hand I got as the button was KK. After a raise, only having a remaining stack of 1/3 of the buyin did not leave me any other choice than going allin (which was of course called by the maniac who happened to have QQ, how funny is that?). I took the pot, getting (partly) even.

I usually don't like the auto-rebuy options because you cannot track clearly how you're doing on a bad streak. However, is the case above a valid reason to choose auto-rebuy?
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