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Default Pokerstars stole my money!

I depostited 300 dollars of my own money from my visa with my name on the visa. I played abit and went from 300 to 100 and back to 291 within an hour. I never deposit this much but this time i did. Usually I deposit no more than 60. Pokerstars never gave me a problem before with my small stacks.. even tho 300 to me is still a small stack its more than 60 so thats why they stole it from me.I went to play the next day and they had froze my account with my money, stating in an email that its a routine check and some of the players I know owe them money. So they took my money!! thats fucked..My account isnt fraudulant and that money was mine that I deposited.. My account has nothing to do with ohers unless I frauded pokerstars myself..which I didnt and they know that. But to date they still keep my 300. if they didnt steal a.k.a freeze then weres my money?. They told me the other player had to pay them before I got my money back..what a scam...These guys stole my money cos I know someone from pokerstars that owes them? so they told me they wont unfreeze my account till those other players pay there deb. So in reality Im paying there debt cos they froze my money for other people problems.They say that once those people pay that I will get my money and my account back ..But if these guys dont pay? i got 300 dolars stolen from me by POkerstars right?.fucking THEIVES.
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