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My guess is things will stay rocky for another year or so in the poker world. After the UIGEA and the Neteller fallout, there was a good ~3-4 years of the status quo that made everyone seem to think was stable. I think things will just continually change...sometimes good (Barton bill), sometimes bad (sites going bust/getting sued).

When BF hit, I think a lot of Euros thought it was an American-only issue and's not. Ozone and I kinda made a big deal about this but I think everyone thought we were just chicken littles. It's just a math thing- these sites (and it's becoming clear FTP in particular) can't lose a bunch of money to it being frozen, pay back all the players, and pay a huge DOJ fine. Just can't happen. My bet is PokerStars was always more conservative financially...they just always kept a bigger cash cushion than FTP. Plus PokerStars wasn't as reliant on US players as FTP.

Also, while I don't think PokerStars is going to go bust or anything like FTP, there's still a non-zero chance of this happening to them. They haven't settled with the DOJ fully..they only reached an agreement to give US players back their funds. The fact that FTP is so fucked up means it's probably the beginning of the end for them, though they may slither around for another few months or so.

Bottom line, only places your money are safe are the big name brands that have 0 legal issues pending- party, 888, betfair, ladbrokes, etc. Even then, no point in keeping excess money there cuz who knows what the fuck may happen...account hacking, one of those places having some random issue pop up, etc.
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