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Default Wolfgame #57: In stereoscopy (sorry out of glasses)

Welcome to Wolfgame #57. Today it was realized that this community has been ravaged by wolves. Considering this town started out with 5,500 people and it took until only nine were left to realize something was fishy, some would say that the wolves are doing the world a favor. However, the video of the last wolf attack went viral and the rights to the story were bought by Disney Corporation for $25,000,000. They have hired director James Cameron for the project, so of course that means everything will be shot in 3D.

The structure of the show is as followed: The show will be shot in two phases. The first phase will be designated for strategy and discussion during which community members will be allowed to vote democratically for the most likely wolf among them. At the end of this cycle the person with the most votes will be killed, at which point the blood work report (that each member consented to and that was sent to a top Nicaraguan lab to be tested for the lupicus-lupittidy virus) will be released to the community at the same time as it is to the res t of America. At this point the second phase will be started in which the community will fidget while the wolves are busy deciding who to eat. This phase ends when the Show’s host announces the wolves’ selection, at which time everyone will be escorted to their private residence and the victim is allowed to be devoured by the wolf while creative camera work conceals all identities. Then the cycle continues until the wolves are dead or all villagers have been eaten. The surviving members of the community (whether wolves or villagers) will split a $100,000,000 cash prize and in the event of a wolf victory be provided with the very rare and expensive antidote (that involves the distilled blood of infant humans and smashed hearts of 32 puppies).

The show will begin with the introductory period that allows the community members time to discuss random crap (and allows ABC to milk another episode). During this time nothing important will happen. This period will end at 9pm EST/ 8pm Central [changed to 7pm EST following the first day]. At which time the first phase begins and voting takes place. Every 24 hours at 9pm EST a changeover will take place.

The blood tests have revealed that no more than two wolves are in the community. They have also revealed surprising presence of special members of the community that may be able to help the village win, given the unfair advantage these people provide, half of their share of the prize pool will be donated to charity (the other half being set aside for taxes) if they win. The show will obviously announce the role of all contestants following their death along with announcing if they are the last of their kind.

The contestants are as follows:
Axis of Evil

For the thick among us, there are two wolves, two specials, and 6 villagers. Results of the blood tests will be given to their owners within 20 minutes of this post.

Day 1: No Hang
Night 1: Swoop shot Expop eaten

Day 2: Kmay hung
Night 2: Axis of Evil eaten
Day 3: staphros hung
Night 3: Boiler eaten

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