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Originally Posted by IronLen1972 View Post
I have been offline poker wise for too damn long.

I went broke online after a cash out.

Recession is killing my business irl too. So its a 360 degree turn from 2010 where I ran like a God and everything was easy.

I needed to say I went broke, to come to terms with it. I played badly at the end of it, and in the middle of it and quite possibly all of 2011.

That's my story. Going to deposit in December ($500) and grind up again. I have never used credit before to fund my poker, this will be my first time. It's my Christmas present to myself.

Also I have been ghost railing some of you guys which has helped considerably. Thanks Swoop and Ozone especially. Your hot run(s) were fun to watch.
Ah Len, may God bless you.

Look for your spot. When I transistioned back to live all of my struggles changed from coping with the uncertainty of winning or losing to the certainty of winning albeit small amounts. That is where I belong. You belong somewhere, good luck on the journey.

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