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I don't know how similar Canadian banks are to US banks....but you should get a job at a bank...

People say banks aren't hiring but in my district we have 21 branches and like 8 of them need managers.

You are a realtor right? I assume you are a good sales person and not a total retard that can't do simple math. You probably even know how a loan works which baffles like 70% of the population.

In the US retail bank branches are all about sales and hitting "goals" so if you have a stong sales background and can glengaryglenross people into doing shit you can can be a Branch Manager. I live in a pretty rural area and the BM at my bank makes like 70-80k a year. Managers in metro areas make a lot more. I know its not a shit ton of money but its not a whole lot of work either.
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