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Default was it the right decision?


I'm going to tell you a decision I made to see what you think. there were three gamblers in the table and the one sitting right to me raised the bet from 4£ to 14£. I had Ace&10 suited. I raised it to 25£ to see his reaction but the guy sitting left to me raised it to 55£. the one sitting right to me folded and I called.

the flop was 4 - 7 - A. I raised the bet to 75 £ to see if he has an ace, and he made it 130 £. so I started to guess what he has. He raised pre-flop so he obviously has an ace or something like JJ QQ. He didn't even think to raise the bet so I thought he has an ace. and secondly since he raised it to 55£ at preflop, I thought he has an ace and a better kicker. So I folded due to my guess.

so was it the right move?

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