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Overall your line is fine, even if I can imagine something I prefer having thought about the hand after the fact.

Preflop is fine - I might even raise to $15 to open depending on how much 3-betting goes on at this table (I assume 1-2 live plo is a lot of flop seeing with flats or single raises). But c/c is fine too.

On the flop, with 4 people and $100 in the pot, donking pot is okay. If you were a little deeper (but not too much deeper) I would strongly prefer the c/shove as suggested by Kc (even with the stacks as they are it's marginally preferable). If you were much deeper, I like c/cing, and if you were ridiculously deep, I like check/raising. But even donking pot into the raiser should really weed out most of his non-monsters as the board is middle rainbow and he should really need A8xx or better to do anything other than fold (obviously, from your opponent's perspective without having seen what you have, some draws are better than A8xx here, but I'm speaking about non-drawing hands). The real problem is that you have two others behind - if this was heads up or maybe 3 way, donking pot would be a better choice than it is 4-handed. And as Kc says, the others behind can mean dead money when you check/shove.

Once you donk the flop and get one caller, you have to shove turn with what you have left, even if the board pairs imo (I'm not sure what I think about blind shoving in plo games, but I play online so obviously it doesn't come up). Granted, he might call you light, but checking is terrible unless you're trying to trap c/r him (with deeper stacks, obviously) and he's a total moron who will bet any time the flop bettor checks to him on the turn (there are such people in plo... lol).

I don't think the backdoor spades makes a difference to me in this particular hand, but always be aware of backdoor draws.
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