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Originally Posted by darryl View Post
This was a live $2-5 game. I was under the gun, villain was late position.
I was at the table about 3 hours and this was my second pocket pair. I had been pretty card dead most of the session. Let's say for this hand we are both sitting on $600 each.

I'm dealt 33, I raise to $15. I could have raised more, but was set mining and just wanted to juice the pot. I get 5 callers for $75 in the pot.
Flop comes Q83 giving me a set of 3's.

I lead out for $45 folds to the villain who calls. For about $165 in the pot.
Turn is a rag to make a 2 flush board. I bet $100 villain calls. Now $365 in the pot or so and we both have $460 left or so behind.
Villain is pretty loose, loves to sense weakness and exploit.
River is J making a straight and a flush possible on the board (although if villain was drawing, it would be a gutshot or runner runner for the flush).

So my turn to act, do I 3 barrel, if so how much, if he raises, then what? Do I let him bet knowing he would probably sense weakness and probably throw out a river bet then I call a reasonable bet? My read on him was that he had more than a bluff, probably more than a pair. Am I just losing value by checking here, or is it a situation where I'm probably only getting called by a better hand? Does that make me nitty, etc.?

i would check / call the river
i like to play, only if its playmoney
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